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Well, theres a lot going on here!

Since The Silent Landscape exhibition finished I have had 2 days off camping, and then back into the swing of it all! I am currently working on 3 canvases for Suffolk Showcase, an open exhibition starting July 4th at the Bury St. Edmunds Gallery. Then I have 2 more to do for another open exhibition at The Halesworth Gallery in September. Meanwhile I’ve been working on an unusual commission, a clay hare, which is turning out very cute and successful.

Yesterday I had a meeting with Natasha Newton about another exhibition we’re planning for Christmas. I can now reveal some details. It will be entitled, “Enchanted Earth”. It will be held at The Cinema Gallery in Aldeburgh, 17th – 23rd December, with a Special Event on Saturday 19th. (More to be revealed about that later). All the works will be 12×12″ and smaller, making it an affordable art show.

Finally, I am putting together a book of the body of work I produced for recent exhibition, The Silent Landscape. It will be a simple paper back book, affordable, and a wonderful reminder of the show, and a keepsake for those who visited, and for those who weren’t able to come. I will be using and I’ll let you know when its ready to buy. :)))

So thats all the news here at the moment. I will be very busy for the next few weeks, and I will keep you updated as much as possible.

TLMDEB2009 The Lone Maple
The Lone Maple © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009 SOLD mixed media on 25×20cm (10×8″) deep edge gallery wrap canvas 3.5cm (1.5″)

New works in progress. 🙂

For a challenge I have 2 paintings on the go – “Poplars 2” and a rework of another canvas (see myspace blog for the frustrations I experienced with this) I’ve entitled, “Trees of Winter”.

Poplars and Trees of Winter photos of work in progress:

NB the photo is one I took today in one of our local parks – I just loved the way the pale tree trunks of the birch and the pale bushes stood out against the darker, denser tree line.

Its all going well with, ” The Glow of Summer” 🙂  It has passed the Greyscale test too…

Well, I’m happily wielding my brushes again in the studio.  The palette is full of new blobs of paint – raw sienna, burnt sienna, rose madder, ultramarine blue, olive green and zinc white.  I prepped the canvas yesterday with gesso and tissue paper.  Today I put down the first 2 thin layers of paint to my new painting, “The Glow of Summer”.


I’ve let out a big sigh of relief – I’ve spent the last 2 weeks itching to get back into the studio, and the wait has been long, but its now over.  I can get cracking with the paintings for the exhibition, “The Silent Landscape”.  This new painting has such a nice glow to it and it makes me feel that glow inside 🙂

More progress up soon…

At last I’m making real progress and the phases are happening as they normally do.  This is a good sign that I’m doing the right thing, in the right place and in the right frame of mind.

So once I’d prepped the canvas with gesso and crepe paper I left it to dry, and whilst that was happening I cleared my mind of the clutter and noise of the previous painting.  Then I got sketching and trying to visualise the scene in my head.  The first layer of paint went on like a dream, and the second phase which I completed today went just as smoothly.  Here are the first few phases – they have a lovely atmosphere and I’m confident with how this is going:

With any luck i’ll get this finished over the next 2 days – although it doesn’t matter if I don’t… 🙂

Its all a state of mind.

Well, you will see from my work in progress that painting Spring Willows was a bit erratic in direction.  I was starting to feel like I was trying to say something when I couldn’t speak. Frustrating!  So in looking over the progress I tried to work out where it started to go wrong, and where I liked it best.  My favourite stage was phase 2.  So when I got to phase 4, I retraced my steps.  I did a bit of subtraction with alcohol and painted a light layer of transparent white.  Now I’m back at a place where I can proceed.  Actually its better all round as there are blotches from previous stages showing through under the white, so it looks great.  Here are the phases 4 and 5:

With this creative turn in direction, I am back on track, with relief!  Lets see what happens with the next couple of sittings…

The process had begun on the painting, “Spring Willows”.  Here are the first few stages:

As you can see I’ve laid down the tissue paper, the vibrant undercoat, and the white overcoat to indicate mistiness behind the trees.  My aim is to depict a early spring morning 🙂  I’ve got the basic trunk shape and direction of the trees in place.  The blue of the river in the foreground is an underlayer – this will become less prominent eventually.  I used clingflim to create a pattern on this stripe of blue – its great stuff to work with!  I usually use it in watercolour, but I thought I’d try it on the damp acrylic paint.

I’m feeling that I have the necessary momentum now that I have the first painting done.  Getting a good start is encouraging.  I’m sure it won’t always such a smooth path, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

Back soon with more progress…


Autumn Birches © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2008

I am so pleased say that I have completed this painting! Its the first of the new painting series for The Silent Landscape exhibition.  I am very happy with the way its turned out.  The thought and time I put into this painting has really been beneficial.  I think having a show to produce work for has given me the necessary incentive to put my full concentration into my current work.  It feels good to have that drive to perform to my best ability at this time.

The previous post held the first 4 stages of the painting.  Here is the 5th stage before the final outcome (above).

autumn-birches-phase-5This phase was about getting the right depth and tones right before placing highlights, detail and final balance in the final phase.  It was good to complete this painting in my average time of 6 sittings including the application of tissue paper and marble dust with gesso in the pre-painting phase.

So there we are – 1 painting down, lots and lots to go! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed seeing this work in progress.


Okay…so I’ve started!  Its great to get on with the first of many paintings for, “The Silent Landscape”.  For the first time I’m using a very deep edge canvas – 3.5inches! Its novel, I’ll give you that!  I aim to do four using them, and then I’ll go back to standard deep edge canvas for the next batch.

Anyhow, here’s the first 4 stages of the new painting.

I’ve been working a little at a time, sometimes only 10mins at a time.  But this small amount soon mounts up to good progress!!  Also its given me a lot of time to mull over ideas about how to approach this body of work.  I’ve been reading a great book called, “Creative Authenticity” by the US artist Ian Roberts.  So taking my time over this painting has been well worth it.  I am discovering that I need not be worried about conventional methods and conformity.  What I need to allow is my creative flow to be clear and intuitive so that my creative authenticity shows and is felt by others when they view my work.

Lordy – that’s scary!!!  Being true to yourself is hard!! But I shall persevere and just keep showing up at the easel and see what happens.  Interestingly enough I had visions of this body of work being something else that what it will be – I’m pleased to say that my own style still prevails and this is good.  A thumbprint is essential, and nowadays I don’t think I can escape it!!!!

Anyway, words are all well and good…its results that speak for themselves.

I’ll add to this post over the next week or so until “Autumn Birches” is complete, so come back to see the progress..