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Its taken a while and a lot of false starts, but I’ve finally got the 4 XXL deep canvas set complete – yay!  I’ve called the set, “Four Seasons” – not very original, but it works 🙂   They are going into the exhibition in May (The Silent Landscape) and will be available to buy separately, but will be hung together.  Here they are:

1. The Orchard in Spring

2. The Glow of Summer

3. Autumn Birches

4. Trees of Winter

Above paintings © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009

A success story – this is the canvas that has been painted now 4 times! But it was worth the agro because this little beauty was waiting to be realised and the layers underneath the paint is perfect for the texture effect.  I was also pleased to use for the first time some gold mica flakes which has just added that extra loveliness.  So I am very happy and I think I’ll do another one of these paintings at a later date 🙂

So here it is, including a close up photo:

Trees of Winter © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2008

New works in progress. 🙂

For a challenge I have 2 paintings on the go – “Poplars 2” and a rework of another canvas (see myspace blog for the frustrations I experienced with this) I’ve entitled, “Trees of Winter”.

Poplars and Trees of Winter photos of work in progress:

NB the photo is one I took today in one of our local parks – I just loved the way the pale tree trunks of the birch and the pale bushes stood out against the darker, denser tree line.