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I am pleased to announce that you can now buy prints of my work via imagekind.
After the success of The Silent Landscape exhibition, I have had many requests for prints. I decided to make these available now, and I will be also holding stock of prints at the next exhibition, Enchanted Earth, in December.
There are now 6 favourite prints available here at

If you have any requests, please let me know 🙂 I can upload more images, and you can buy direct from imagekind.

Please note that I have kept the price of the print down to accommodate the high shipping charges. Shipping is more expensive outside of the USA, so if you are ordering from the UK, you will find the total prices at around £40-50 GBP, which is around what I would be charging if you bought from me at a show.

Please pop along and have a look, and feel free to feedback. 🙂