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At last I have found the perfect medium for my illustrations.
Recently I have taken up Pyrography, and now Slate Paintings are adding to the illustrative art mediums that are really working for me and some are now appearing in my Etsy shop.

Illustrations on a pieces of found slate in Suffolk are influenced by many different trees – so far they are the silver birch (my tree of hearts) the bonsai red berry tree (my white berry trees), wind blown trees on the moors of Yorkshire and trees in the moonlight.
The pieces of slate I’m working on at the moment are in the region of 4x5cm to 10x9cm with a thickness of 3-5mm. They are all washed and sterilised thoroughly before applying paint. The paint is waterproof, lightfast and permanent.

They are proving to be quite popular with lots of great feedback.
Here are some photos:
1. Tree of Hearts 1
2. Tree on the Moors
3. Tree under a Love Boat Moon
4. White Berry Tree 1

all ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009


I’ve had such fun this evening making new items for my etsy store. Here they are:

They are deep frames, 4.5cm deep, and approx 11cmx11cm square.  They’re all sealed and ready to hang and I think they’ll look great just about anywhere 🙂

That was light relief from my deep thoughts – I’ve been churning over the pros and cons of going full-time as an artist.  Its a tough one, and I still haven’t made a decision…I’ll keep ya posted!

As for deep colours – basically I am really enjoying the autumn foliage this year.  The colours are amazing and really vibrant and ranging from bright yellows to deep reds.  I LOVE IT.  Autumn colours are the colours I wear too, especially as I now have deep red hair! 🙂  I am lucky enough to have trees in my garden, and they look stunning – even in the rain yesterday!

So thats me this week. I’m waiting on a delivery of some new 3.5inch deep edge canvas to start my exhibition paintings.  I need to do a painting a week to be sure to be ready.  Yes, thats about 30 paintings – phew!! But I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.  I’ve nearly finished, “Twilight Pines” – which is a possible candidate for the exhibition.  You can see it in progress so far at my myspace album

Ok – til next time 😀

What a relief!! I managed to get my head sorted and started those sketches!

Here is the first batch:

I managed this by taking my sketch materials out of the studio and plonked myself in front of the TV.  I just relaxed and had positive thoughts like, “If they turn out bad the only thing I’ve lost is a couple of hours and a few sheets of paper.”

It worked 🙂

I feel much happier and ready to do some more.

I put some on etsy today :

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