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I finally have 2 paintings complete for the Halesworth Gallery open exhibition in Sept. ­čÖé
I was working on 2 paintings for this show, and I indicated them in my vlog last time. However, as these paintings were progressing they were feeling very wrong and they weren’t going as planned. I was trying a new colour regime – using my usually subdominant colours as dominant ones. This made the paintings quite cool. Mostly I love to paint warm paintings with lots of orange, browns and golds. So you can imagine that unwittingly I had created an image that just wasn’t resonating with me.
Once I realised this I abandoned those 2 canvases and started 2 new ones.
Here are the results:

The first painting is entitled “This is Home for a While” – the second picture is the detail.
The second painting is entitled “Secret Berry Tree” – the second picture is the detail.
┬ęDeborah Eileen Burrow 2009 on deep edge canvas (12×12″ and 10×8″ respectively)

All that needs to be done now is varnish them and coat the sides in a nice warm dark brown.

Now I have to get busy with completing the commission I’m doing, and then the body of work for The Enchanted Earth exhibition in December – the joint show with Natasha Newton.

Thats all for now – I’ll post news and new work as it is completed.


At last I have found the perfect medium for my illustrations.
Recently I have taken up Pyrography, and now Slate Paintings are adding to the illustrative art mediums that are really working for me and some are now appearing in my Etsy shop.

Illustrations on a pieces of found slate in Suffolk are influenced by many different trees – so far they are the silver birch (my tree of hearts) the bonsai red berry tree (my white berry trees), wind blown trees on the moors of Yorkshire and trees in the moonlight.
The pieces of slate I’m working on at the moment are in the region of 4x5cm to 10x9cm with a thickness of 3-5mm. They are all washed and sterilised thoroughly before applying paint. The paint is waterproof, lightfast and permanent.

They are proving to be quite popular with lots of great feedback.
Here are some photos:
1. Tree of Hearts 1
2. Tree on the Moors
3. Tree under a Love Boat Moon
4. White Berry Tree 1

all ┬ęDeborah Eileen Burrow 2009

At last I am exploring a technique that has fascinated me for years – pyrography.
Burning an illustration into wood.
Its wonderful and I’m loving it. I have decided to produce a body of work to add to my works for the exhibition in December, “Enchanted Earth”.
Here is my first completed piece for it:
┬ęDeborah Eileen Burrow 2009

The wood is maple and the grain was perfect for creating the illusion of a landscape behind the tree.

I have more plaques to do, some inspired by my recent camping trip in North Yorkshire.

I’ll post them when complete.

Meanwhile I’m also working on 3 canvas paintings too – one is a comission, and 2 are for the upcoming Open Exihibition in the Halesworth Gallery.

I’ll keep you posted ­čÖé