Its just around the corner – I can smell it!! 🙂

Everyday there are more birds singing and they are singing louder too.  There are foxes busy in the back garden, trees in bud and the first Spring flowers coming through the dark earth.  Fabulous!

To get me in the mood I’ve just completed this painting, “April Fields”, for the upcoming exhibition:



I am happy with this – the rapeseed bloom real pops against the heavy sky and the flax blossom in the front. Purple and yellow are complementary colours too, so while the colours pop, the scene as a whole is quite pleasing to the eye.  I’m enjoying these field landscapes and I shall continue with more.  I’m revamping a painting I finished in 2008 called, “The Golden Hour”, to give it more detail and depth.  The result will hopefully make it suitable for The Silent Landscape Exhibition.

Well, I guess I better get back up to the studio – I’m writing this while I have a brief stop for a cuppa after taking the dog out for a walk.  I took my camera, but the February landscape is just dull, damp and boring, so I’m painting from memory, emotion and previous sketches.

Back soon with more 🙂