Well, the UK has certainly seen enough of this over recent times and guess what…?  I was inspired!!  So out came this painting which was really nice to do.  It’s such a simple painting, but effective and enchanting (so I’ve been told).

february-snow-completeI like it so much its been selected for the upcoming show, The Silent Landscape in May.  This is my 13th painting for this show – I still need to do another 12.  Most of the paintings I have completed so far are ranging from 6×4″ to 12×16″.  I need to work on the bigger paintings now, which will be great because the paintings I’ve done have been a good warm up for the larger works. 

Incidently, Natasha and I had a meeting today and we’re making good progress.  

So thats it today.  I’ve subscribed to 2 new sites which you are welcome to check out http://www.blipfoto.com/creativedebs and http://deboraheburrow.deviantart.com

If you want to view the paintings for the show only, they are updated as the paintings are complete at http://thesilentlandscape.carbonmade.com

Thanks 🙂