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Its just around the corner – I can smell it!! 🙂

Everyday there are more birds singing and they are singing louder too.  There are foxes busy in the back garden, trees in bud and the first Spring flowers coming through the dark earth.  Fabulous!

To get me in the mood I’ve just completed this painting, “April Fields”, for the upcoming exhibition:



I am happy with this – the rapeseed bloom real pops against the heavy sky and the flax blossom in the front. Purple and yellow are complementary colours too, so while the colours pop, the scene as a whole is quite pleasing to the eye.  I’m enjoying these field landscapes and I shall continue with more.  I’m revamping a painting I finished in 2008 called, “The Golden Hour”, to give it more detail and depth.  The result will hopefully make it suitable for The Silent Landscape Exhibition.

Well, I guess I better get back up to the studio – I’m writing this while I have a brief stop for a cuppa after taking the dog out for a walk.  I took my camera, but the February landscape is just dull, damp and boring, so I’m painting from memory, emotion and previous sketches.

Back soon with more 🙂


Well, the UK has certainly seen enough of this over recent times and guess what…?  I was inspired!!  So out came this painting which was really nice to do.  It’s such a simple painting, but effective and enchanting (so I’ve been told).

february-snow-completeI like it so much its been selected for the upcoming show, The Silent Landscape in May.  This is my 13th painting for this show – I still need to do another 12.  Most of the paintings I have completed so far are ranging from 6×4″ to 12×16″.  I need to work on the bigger paintings now, which will be great because the paintings I’ve done have been a good warm up for the larger works. 

Incidently, Natasha and I had a meeting today and we’re making good progress.  

So thats it today.  I’ve subscribed to 2 new sites which you are welcome to check out and

If you want to view the paintings for the show only, they are updated as the paintings are complete at

Thanks 🙂

I finished a new piece tonight for The Silent Landscape.  It came about all of a sudden when I saw something the other day that really inspired me.  It was the pinky mist cloud and the way the colours divided up in the scene that got me.  I used that inspiration and put it with a new treescape.  

It didn’t take long – I think this is because it was really coming at me “right”….

Here are the the phases of the work in progress to the finished painting. Enjoy!

Strawberry Mist © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009

mixed media on 24x30cm (9.5×12″) gallery wrap deep edge canvas 4cm (3.5″)

I’ve enjoyed restocking my etsy store with new items and its now looking really fresh and vibrant.  I’ve added 2 new painting/illustrations this last week or so to make a set of 3 lovingly painted quality wooden panels  measuring 20x15m (8×6″).  They are all leaf based designs, and have nice imprint patterned backrounds.  Here they are:

I will be doing some more small canvas next whilst I work on the larger paintings for The Silent Landscape exhibition with Natasha Newton.  I’ll post some new ones up here soon 🙂