As I work steadily through the body of work for the exhibition,  I get itchy feet for something different.  This is normal for me.  I love to have a goal to work towards, but I also like variety.  So I set myself a new standard to work to for the next 12 weeks.  I will work on a large painting with the aim to complete each week, and also paint small canvases too to keep me sane.  As it happens, the small ones help with the bigger ones as the ideas flow back and forth between them. As you know I also paint on paper and wood and recently stocked up my etsy shop , this has been great and there are still some to be completed, but I want to concentrate on exhibition work for now.  I’ll feel happier when I’m half way through (still a way to go yet).  Natasha Newton and I are working on about 25 paintings each for this exhibition.  We are very positive about it though, and for me its a great opportunity to break out of old ideas and put things I want to achieve down for real 🙂

 I now have 4 larger canvases complete (Four Seasons) and a few small ones to complement.  Here they are:

1. Golden Tree (6×6 “)

2. Copper Days (6×6 “)

3. Lean on Me (6×4 “)

All © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2008/9

Well thats it for today, keep coming back for more progress – I’ll keep posting new things every week or so. 🙂