Welcome 2009!!  I love starting new chapters 🙂

Over Christmas I had time out from the studio and time out from the internet for a whole 9 days! Bliss 🙂  

However, my dad bought me some art supplies including 6 wood panels.  The 3 smaller ones, measuring 10x5x3cm are so cute! I couldn’t resist painting on these over the holidays, stationed in front of the tv.

Here are the first 2:

They are currently both for sale at www.deboraheburrow.etsy.com for $20 USD each plus shipping.  My etsy store sale is now over but new items will be added over the coming month to restock.  Even though the sale is over, all my pieces are original and still very reasonably priced and collectable.

Tomorrow I will tidy the studio and get back to preparing for the exhibition.  Only 20 paintings to go…..

Back soon with more progress 🙂