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My etsy store was looking tired and needed freshening up, so I closed it for 3 days and sorted it out.  I’m pleased to say that it’s looking good – vibrant and fresh and a lot more professional.  I sought advice from a fellow British artist and drew up a realistic price list too…now my work is more expensive, but it reflects quality and professionalism.   Such a steep learning curve I’ve been on over the last year!!  With my exhibition coming up it has made me review many things, value included.  It would be daft to sell things on etsy for a tiny fraction of the prices at the exhibition….

Anyway, I have restocked it with 2 brand new paintings and 3 of my latest wooden panel designs.

Please feel free to visit

Here are the 2 brand new pieces:

Whilst I work on The Silent Landscape exhibition pieces I will work on smaller works, some of which will go straight to etsy.   

Natasha Newton and I had a meeting this week to start the process of the exhibition and we have a lot to do, but I’m confident it will all be done in time and it will be a success.  We are very excited 🙂

More news on this soon, meanwhile you can keep up with the progress here and see my own body of work grow here.


A new complete painting for The Silent Landscape exhibition, “Just Passing Through”.  In this painting I tried to capture that view you get as you’re walking out or passing in the car, of the  post harvest wheat field in late summer.    I used to walk the family dog in, past and through fields like this when I lived at home.  Invariably I would pull up a clump of stubble and chuck it as hard as I could for the dog to chase…those times were carefree and fun out in the late afternoon sunshine.  I always felt it was catching a moment in time – seasons are transient, and so are the rural arable scenes within the seasons.

Here is the process of the painting from start to finish.


Just Passing Through  © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009 

mixed media on 25×20cm (10×8″) deep edge gallery wrap canvas 3.5cm (1.5″)

My 9th Painting for the exhibition, “The Silent Landscape” is complete 🙂  Happiness….

This is a moody piece, reflecting the dark, damp, dreary and cold month of January.  Its inspired by my daily walks in the park this month.  People often associate January with dull days, so I thought I’d take that mood and paint it.  

This painting took 5 sittings plus prep.  Here are the work in progress stages plus the finished painting and detail shot:

January Mist © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009

You can view all the completed paintings so far at my online exhibition portfolio.

So now onto the next painting – I’ll be back soon!

As I work steadily through the body of work for the exhibition,  I get itchy feet for something different.  This is normal for me.  I love to have a goal to work towards, but I also like variety.  So I set myself a new standard to work to for the next 12 weeks.  I will work on a large painting with the aim to complete each week, and also paint small canvases too to keep me sane.  As it happens, the small ones help with the bigger ones as the ideas flow back and forth between them. As you know I also paint on paper and wood and recently stocked up my etsy shop , this has been great and there are still some to be completed, but I want to concentrate on exhibition work for now.  I’ll feel happier when I’m half way through (still a way to go yet).  Natasha Newton and I are working on about 25 paintings each for this exhibition.  We are very positive about it though, and for me its a great opportunity to break out of old ideas and put things I want to achieve down for real 🙂

 I now have 4 larger canvases complete (Four Seasons) and a few small ones to complement.  Here they are:

1. Golden Tree (6×6 “)

2. Copper Days (6×6 “)

3. Lean on Me (6×4 “)

All © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2008/9

Well thats it for today, keep coming back for more progress – I’ll keep posting new things every week or so. 🙂

Its taken a while and a lot of false starts, but I’ve finally got the 4 XXL deep canvas set complete – yay!  I’ve called the set, “Four Seasons” – not very original, but it works 🙂   They are going into the exhibition in May (The Silent Landscape) and will be available to buy separately, but will be hung together.  Here they are:

1. The Orchard in Spring

2. The Glow of Summer

3. Autumn Birches

4. Trees of Winter

Above paintings © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009

Welcome 2009!!  I love starting new chapters 🙂

Over Christmas I had time out from the studio and time out from the internet for a whole 9 days! Bliss 🙂  

However, my dad bought me some art supplies including 6 wood panels.  The 3 smaller ones, measuring 10x5x3cm are so cute! I couldn’t resist painting on these over the holidays, stationed in front of the tv.

Here are the first 2:

They are currently both for sale at for $20 USD each plus shipping.  My etsy store sale is now over but new items will be added over the coming month to restock.  Even though the sale is over, all my pieces are original and still very reasonably priced and collectable.

Tomorrow I will tidy the studio and get back to preparing for the exhibition.  Only 20 paintings to go…..

Back soon with more progress 🙂