Well, as I have mentioned, I was scheduled for major surgery in November.  I’ve had it and I’m now recovering well.  I will have a total of 12 weeks off, during which I will be preparing for the Silent Landscape exhibition.  At the moment I’m a bit sore, so working in the studio is out of the question, so I’ve been practising with watercolours on my lap in front of the tv!  Here are some of the results:




These have been fun to work on, and the paper I’m using has been really good.  I like the way the paint behaves on this paper – really conducive to this style of simple painting.  I’ve also be doing some ink drawings:



These have also been fun.  I have experimented with the different pen markings to create separate tonal effects.

As for preparation for the next painting – that has also gone well.  I’m not happy with the Early Snowfall painting still, so I’ve put it to one side for now.  The next painting is based on the sketch, “Coastal Cornfield”, which can be found as a mini-painting at my etsy store.  Here is the prep:


As you can see, I will be approaching this painting is a slightly different way to the previous 2 paintings for The Silent Landscape exhibition.  I’m hoping this painting will be as successful as, “Autumn Birches”, which has such vibrancy and freedom about it.  That is the true me 🙂

So, that leaves me with Potatoes! Well, in the cold weather we have been having, and the recuperation state I am in, I have a love for Baked Spuds with lashings of butter and cheese.  My excuse for this?  I need the energy to heal and the heat to warm me up, and the comfort of cheese just makes my day better!!! Having said that, I have lost 5lbs since the surgery, so I’m not doing anything wrong 🙂

Thats it for today.  I’m now off to write Christmas Cards (and put a large spud in the oven…)