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Today is Winter Solstice and it always makes me feel better knowing that the nights will slowly start to get shorter now.
Christmas is only a few days away, and this warms my heart as I know we’ll be with people we love and eat and be merry :))
Whether you’re religious or not, it doesn’t matter as there is enough love and peace in the world to go round for everyone :)))
To top it all we have a New Year on its way which can only inspire and bring new opportunities.
Peace and Love to you all – Warm Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year.

Debs x x
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This is a small painting (6x6cm) completed in 2 sittings. I aim to do a few of these small paintings for the exhibition. I used the subject of Winter Trees for this painting as I really like the way the trees look against the dark backround, and then the layer of gold mica flakes just enriches this effect.

A success story – this is the canvas that has been painted now 4 times! But it was worth the agro because this little beauty was waiting to be realised and the layers underneath the paint is perfect for the texture effect.  I was also pleased to use for the first time some gold mica flakes which has just added that extra loveliness.  So I am very happy and I think I’ll do another one of these paintings at a later date 🙂

So here it is, including a close up photo:

Trees of Winter © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2008

I went for a lovely walk in the, cool but bright, today in one of our local parks.  I just have to share these photos with you.  I really love the silhouettes of the bare trees.

There was also a new sculpture there entitiled, “Innocent”.

New works in progress. 🙂

For a challenge I have 2 paintings on the go – “Poplars 2” and a rework of another canvas (see myspace blog for the frustrations I experienced with this) I’ve entitled, “Trees of Winter”.

Poplars and Trees of Winter photos of work in progress:

NB the photo is one I took today in one of our local parks – I just loved the way the pale tree trunks of the birch and the pale bushes stood out against the darker, denser tree line.


© Deborah Eileen Burrow 2008

mixed media
on 30×30cm (12×12″)
deep edge gallery wrap canvas 9cm (3.5″)

Its all going well with, ” The Glow of Summer” 🙂  It has passed the Greyscale test too…

Well, I’m happily wielding my brushes again in the studio.  The palette is full of new blobs of paint – raw sienna, burnt sienna, rose madder, ultramarine blue, olive green and zinc white.  I prepped the canvas yesterday with gesso and tissue paper.  Today I put down the first 2 thin layers of paint to my new painting, “The Glow of Summer”.


I’ve let out a big sigh of relief – I’ve spent the last 2 weeks itching to get back into the studio, and the wait has been long, but its now over.  I can get cracking with the paintings for the exhibition, “The Silent Landscape”.  This new painting has such a nice glow to it and it makes me feel that glow inside 🙂

More progress up soon…

Well, as I have mentioned, I was scheduled for major surgery in November.  I’ve had it and I’m now recovering well.  I will have a total of 12 weeks off, during which I will be preparing for the Silent Landscape exhibition.  At the moment I’m a bit sore, so working in the studio is out of the question, so I’ve been practising with watercolours on my lap in front of the tv!  Here are some of the results:




These have been fun to work on, and the paper I’m using has been really good.  I like the way the paint behaves on this paper – really conducive to this style of simple painting.  I’ve also be doing some ink drawings:



These have also been fun.  I have experimented with the different pen markings to create separate tonal effects.

As for preparation for the next painting – that has also gone well.  I’m not happy with the Early Snowfall painting still, so I’ve put it to one side for now.  The next painting is based on the sketch, “Coastal Cornfield”, which can be found as a mini-painting at my etsy store.  Here is the prep:


As you can see, I will be approaching this painting is a slightly different way to the previous 2 paintings for The Silent Landscape exhibition.  I’m hoping this painting will be as successful as, “Autumn Birches”, which has such vibrancy and freedom about it.  That is the true me 🙂

So, that leaves me with Potatoes! Well, in the cold weather we have been having, and the recuperation state I am in, I have a love for Baked Spuds with lashings of butter and cheese.  My excuse for this?  I need the energy to heal and the heat to warm me up, and the comfort of cheese just makes my day better!!! Having said that, I have lost 5lbs since the surgery, so I’m not doing anything wrong 🙂

Thats it for today.  I’m now off to write Christmas Cards (and put a large spud in the oven…)

“I grew up in the countryside of Suffolk, England and began to capture the character of its landscapes at an early age. As I have developed as a painter and illustrator, my love for landscape and its richness has grown, and my current work reflects this.

Each painting starts with a basic sketch and plan. As it develops I allow the piece to show itself and breathe its own life. I look for opportunities to augment and enhance colour relationships, and sometimes I subtract to balance the composition.

The whole process of making art to me is like the natural growth and rhythm of the landscapes I portray – it starts with a seed and flourishes at its own pace, giving rise to a rich depth, vibrancy and texture.”