Can you guess what I’m gonna talk about?? Yes – the bloody “Spring-Willows-lets-create-hell-and-start-again-only-this-time-lets-call-it-The-Riverbank painting!!  I think I’ve learnt my lesson ‘cos it started so good, got to an even better phase, but it still didn’t click with me, and now I’ve messed up the tree and its irretrievable for good…..(can’t show you that…)

I feel terrible – frustrated and like a failure…. and the rest.  But I guess this was such a steep learning curve that at each crossroads I made the wrong choice.  I know we are meant to learn from mistakes, but THREE times on the same painting??? I just can’t face it anymore, and so I’ve sanded it down, rubbed it with alcohol and now I have a new canvas to prep all over again.  I’ve definitely got the message that this painting just isn’t meant to be right now.

So I thought its time to step away from the painting and start something else that is waiting for attention.  Two paintings with a crow theme:


There’s something really rural about this.  I often used to see crows in the cornfields when I was growing up.  I used to cycle around the country lanes in all seasons, and these scenes remind me of that.  Perhaps that was the trouble with “The Riverbank” – it held no specific thread to my own life for me.   Whereas these, and the Autumn Birches, hold strong memories for me and an affinity with the colours used.

Just as well that I decided to move on.

Wish me luck!!

Debs x