This painting is really testing me!! The colours are getting warmer – mostly because I feel more comfortable with them.  This and the last painting have set the continuum of my choice of colours.  It was initially annoying that Spring Willows was getting warmer in hue, but now I realise that it seems to be a comfortable one that sits better with me.  This was confirmed when a fellow artist said it reminded her of the autumn morning she witnessed the other day…that was food for thought.

Then today I made the assessment that I had too many prominent trees.  The one on the left was again annoying and, I realised, unecessary.  It upset the feel of this painting.  I think it will improve now, and as I can continue with the autumn feel, this painting will be finished this weekend.  Phew!

This painting has been so important to me that I have dreamt about it twice!! I can only assume this was some kind of subconscious problem solving session…

Spring Willows (to be renamed) has really been an unexpected steep learning curve!  I have learnt new things about my preferences and comfort zones.  I have also used new products that I have grown to like.  This educational phase was necessary to get through as it will help me keep a consistent style and quality to this body of work.  It has made me even more excited about this exhibition.  I think it is crucial to have something to work towards – I will no longer settle for second best.

My new sketch book arrived today too.  I will be using this to document my prep and notes for each painting. It measures 265x210mm landscape, so there’ll be ample room to doodle in it! 🙂

Well thats it for today – no pictures today of my own, only of a great photo I found on the net of lovely autumn teasels: