Oh, thank goodness I took the decision to start again with Spring Willows!!  I’m happy to report that its going far, FAR better this time.  The colours are right, and as I’m progressing, little inspirations are happening! The cool spring sun, for one, made an appearance today:

My time in the studio, and my determination with this particular painting, is feeling good.  Overcoming a disasterous painting is a boost for my creative soul!!  Each time I pass the studio I am lured in by the easel to have a look, ponder and maybe add a few daubs before the next sitting – its great!!

Working Titles have their place, and with this exhibition series I have decided to not stick to the initial titles too rigidly.  Sometimes I  paint and then name the painting, and sometimes I work to a title idea.  Yesterday I renamed, “Wheatfield View” to “Where We Walked”.  It suits this painting – its wistful, nostalgic, meditative and reminiscent of something.  As for Spring Willows, I think it may also change….we’ll see.

In my personal life, I am facing major surgery in 2 weeks time.  My painting is a good antidote to anxiety about this.  When I paint I experience wonderful creative flow where nothing else matters as my hand and eyes work over the creation in front of me.  I feel lucky to be a creative person.  How bleak my life would be without this obsession.  All my life I have been like this, and now I’m just a little over 2 years away from 40, I appreciate my creative existence more than ever.

Anyway, the next 2 weeks will hopefully see the completion of Spring Willows and the commencement of the next one.

Oh yeah, and the blogging is helping too!! 🙂