My intention when I started writing this blog was to be honest and talk about the reality of my creative life.  Well, here is one of my moments when I have to admit to a mistake with Spring Willows.  The red I used was far too warm and as the painting progressed I just couldn’t shake off its depth and tone.  This became most obvious when I completed the tree trunks and branches – they just wouldn’t stand out enough.  In the last post I described subtracting colour to go backa few stages, but this just didn’t really work.  I got as far as painting in foliage, but because I was having to use a very light green to “speak” over the noise of the red, it became too “twee”.  Thats not what I intended.


I tried more tweaking, but it just wasn’t working for me.  Not the mood I was going for at all.  So I’ve gone right back to stage 1 – white gesso layer and a new layer of tissue paper.


This time I will use Rose Madder as my red – it is a gentler red, cooler and more transparent. With any luck this painting will progress better.

Its a strange thing.  But the usual signs were there to show the wall I’d come up against – frustration, two attempts to subtract the paint, using colours that I don’t like….  Its important to listen to these signs, and instead of ploughing on, I’m glad I took the decision to start over.

Mistakes are great learning experiences 🙂