The process had begun on the painting, “Spring Willows”.  Here are the first few stages:

As you can see I’ve laid down the tissue paper, the vibrant undercoat, and the white overcoat to indicate mistiness behind the trees.  My aim is to depict a early spring morning 🙂  I’ve got the basic trunk shape and direction of the trees in place.  The blue of the river in the foreground is an underlayer – this will become less prominent eventually.  I used clingflim to create a pattern on this stripe of blue – its great stuff to work with!  I usually use it in watercolour, but I thought I’d try it on the damp acrylic paint.

I’m feeling that I have the necessary momentum now that I have the first painting done.  Getting a good start is encouraging.  I’m sure it won’t always such a smooth path, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

Back soon with more progress…