Autumn Birches © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2008

I am so pleased say that I have completed this painting! Its the first of the new painting series for The Silent Landscape exhibition.  I am very happy with the way its turned out.  The thought and time I put into this painting has really been beneficial.  I think having a show to produce work for has given me the necessary incentive to put my full concentration into my current work.  It feels good to have that drive to perform to my best ability at this time.

The previous post held the first 4 stages of the painting.  Here is the 5th stage before the final outcome (above).

autumn-birches-phase-5This phase was about getting the right depth and tones right before placing highlights, detail and final balance in the final phase.  It was good to complete this painting in my average time of 6 sittings including the application of tissue paper and marble dust with gesso in the pre-painting phase.

So there we are – 1 painting down, lots and lots to go! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed seeing this work in progress.