Okay…so I’ve started!  Its great to get on with the first of many paintings for, “The Silent Landscape”.  For the first time I’m using a very deep edge canvas – 3.5inches! Its novel, I’ll give you that!  I aim to do four using them, and then I’ll go back to standard deep edge canvas for the next batch.

Anyhow, here’s the first 4 stages of the new painting.

I’ve been working a little at a time, sometimes only 10mins at a time.  But this small amount soon mounts up to good progress!!  Also its given me a lot of time to mull over ideas about how to approach this body of work.  I’ve been reading a great book called, “Creative Authenticity” by the US artist Ian Roberts.  So taking my time over this painting has been well worth it.  I am discovering that I need not be worried about conventional methods and conformity.  What I need to allow is my creative flow to be clear and intuitive so that my creative authenticity shows and is felt by others when they view my work.

Lordy – that’s scary!!!  Being true to yourself is hard!! But I shall persevere and just keep showing up at the easel and see what happens.  Interestingly enough I had visions of this body of work being something else that what it will be – I’m pleased to say that my own style still prevails and this is good.  A thumbprint is essential, and nowadays I don’t think I can escape it!!!!

Anyway, words are all well and good…its results that speak for themselves.

I’ll add to this post over the next week or so until “Autumn Birches” is complete, so come back to see the progress..