Woohoo!!! We have a title!  Natasha Newton and I are pleased to announce the title of our forthcoming exhibition – “The Silent Landscape”.  We are just finalizing the date as I write this – we should have confirmation soon.

I finished my prep for the first painting – I tend not to spend too much time on the prep because I like to paint intuitively and a little organically.  But I’ve decided to sketch it out to help keep the palette simple and work to a composition idea.  So here it is…prep for “Autumn Birches”

Its very exciting to get started.  With the title under our belts, I feel inspired to get cracking!!

Its great to get focussed on this exhibition.  I’ve been mulling over the idea of going full-time as a professional artist, and I think this project will help me make some sensible decisions.  The conclusion I’ve come to is not be hasty to go full steam ahead.  Talking with other arists has been really helpful.  I can see that it has its risks but also amazing things happen.   Anyway, I’m off sick at the moment with health problems, and I’m having surgery in 4 weeks time.  It will be February until I’m recovered, so I have lots of time to paint.  When I return to work (I’m a self-employed vocal coach) I will probably reduce the workload, and after the exhibition I will make a decision.  So you see, this exhibition is a big turning point in my life.  Things may never be the same again!!

So I shall paint for my life!!

Til next time…