Well, not to see the queen today, but to visit and size up a gallery in Suffolk for my joint exhibition with Natasha Newton

It was a bright, but blustery day as we met at the Cinema Gallery in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.  The gallery space is upstairs – a lovely space that was bright, neutral and spacious.  The walls are white and the the 3 windows were large, ancient, lead-framed, diamond glass affairs.  The beautiful seaside town of Aldeburgh was a wonderful backdrop, and we could just visualise our works being enjoyed by the public for a week in Spring 2009.  Hurrah!!!

All we have to do now is confirm the date and get cracking with our exhibition paintings!

I felt really inspired, and when I got home I took pencil to paper and scribbled ideas and themes in my sketchbook.  I will reveal snippets of my progress over the next 7 months, and I know Natasha will too, so keep in touch with us to follow the excitement!

Meanwhile I expect you’ll be pacing the floors waiting for the next installment….

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