I’ve been feeling really creative just recently. I’m on a mission to get all my xmas presents made.
I love making my presents, and have done for some years now. But the challenge comes in what to make each year!!! Obviously I can only make some things well. In the past its been paintings, drawings, painted pebbles, clay bowls and that kind of thing. This year I’ve a few different things up my sleeve like putting things in box frames, watercolours and clay hares. Today I started my clay hares. The first one has come out quite well. Not finished yet, but he is about 15cm tall, in red clay.

Once I’d got the basic proportions right, he started to take shape.  I found a close relationship in shape to my greyhound actually, and that was helpful because I could look at her for reference!

Of course I still have my main body of work to concentrate on too – my canvas paintings for the exhibition with Natasha Newton next Spring.  I haven’t done much recently so I need to get back to it.  I’ve lots of ideas so I really need to get cracking!!

But I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty with clay today, and doing something a bit different is totally refreshing!!  YAY!