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Woohoo!!! We have a title!  Natasha Newton and I are pleased to announce the title of our forthcoming exhibition – “The Silent Landscape”.  We are just finalizing the date as I write this – we should have confirmation soon.

I finished my prep for the first painting – I tend not to spend too much time on the prep because I like to paint intuitively and a little organically.  But I’ve decided to sketch it out to help keep the palette simple and work to a composition idea.  So here it is…prep for “Autumn Birches”

Its very exciting to get started.  With the title under our belts, I feel inspired to get cracking!!

Its great to get focussed on this exhibition.  I’ve been mulling over the idea of going full-time as a professional artist, and I think this project will help me make some sensible decisions.  The conclusion I’ve come to is not be hasty to go full steam ahead.  Talking with other arists has been really helpful.  I can see that it has its risks but also amazing things happen.   Anyway, I’m off sick at the moment with health problems, and I’m having surgery in 4 weeks time.  It will be February until I’m recovered, so I have lots of time to paint.  When I return to work (I’m a self-employed vocal coach) I will probably reduce the workload, and after the exhibition I will make a decision.  So you see, this exhibition is a big turning point in my life.  Things may never be the same again!!

So I shall paint for my life!!

Til next time…


There’s so much to do!!!!

But one step at a time, Natasha and I can confidently get it all done 🙂

Today my new deep, deep edge canvases arrived.  I’m starting with 4 of them –  30x30cm canvases –  and I’m currently sketching and planning the ideas.

Here’s the new canvas delivery:

And here is a sneak preview of my first painting idea – a very rough sketch of autumn birches:

The next stage is to do a proper sketch and decide on a definite palette, textural effects and composition.

Whilst this is all going on, Natasha and I are trying to decide on a theme title for our exhibition.  Thats proving to be quite a challenge!!! 😀

Once we have a date confirmed we’ll both announce it to you via our blogs.  You can find a link to Natasha’s blog in the Blog Roll in the left hand column.

Ok, I’ll be back soon 🙂

At last!!! I declare, “Twilight Pines”, complete!!! Hurrah 🙂  Here’s a quick photo I took just now…

This painting is a strong contender for the forthcoming exhibition, but we’ll see nearer the time.  Depends if it fits the theme…

Anyway, I was just so pleased that I had to share it with you.

Thanks 🙂

I’ve had such fun this evening making new items for my etsy store. Here they are:

They are deep frames, 4.5cm deep, and approx 11cmx11cm square.  They’re all sealed and ready to hang and I think they’ll look great just about anywhere 🙂

That was light relief from my deep thoughts – I’ve been churning over the pros and cons of going full-time as an artist.  Its a tough one, and I still haven’t made a decision…I’ll keep ya posted!

As for deep colours – basically I am really enjoying the autumn foliage this year.  The colours are amazing and really vibrant and ranging from bright yellows to deep reds.  I LOVE IT.  Autumn colours are the colours I wear too, especially as I now have deep red hair! 🙂  I am lucky enough to have trees in my garden, and they look stunning – even in the rain yesterday!

So thats me this week. I’m waiting on a delivery of some new 3.5inch deep edge canvas to start my exhibition paintings.  I need to do a painting a week to be sure to be ready.  Yes, thats about 30 paintings – phew!! But I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.  I’ve nearly finished, “Twilight Pines” – which is a possible candidate for the exhibition.  You can see it in progress so far at my myspace album

Ok – til next time 😀

To promote my my etsy store I made a video. It was fun to do and already I have had hits on YouTube. Yay! 🙂 Anyway – here it is…enjoy!

Well, not to see the queen today, but to visit and size up a gallery in Suffolk for my joint exhibition with Natasha Newton

It was a bright, but blustery day as we met at the Cinema Gallery in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.  The gallery space is upstairs – a lovely space that was bright, neutral and spacious.  The walls are white and the the 3 windows were large, ancient, lead-framed, diamond glass affairs.  The beautiful seaside town of Aldeburgh was a wonderful backdrop, and we could just visualise our works being enjoyed by the public for a week in Spring 2009.  Hurrah!!!

All we have to do now is confirm the date and get cracking with our exhibition paintings!

I felt really inspired, and when I got home I took pencil to paper and scribbled ideas and themes in my sketchbook.  I will reveal snippets of my progress over the next 7 months, and I know Natasha will too, so keep in touch with us to follow the excitement!

Meanwhile I expect you’ll be pacing the floors waiting for the next installment….

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I’ve been feeling really creative just recently. I’m on a mission to get all my xmas presents made.
I love making my presents, and have done for some years now. But the challenge comes in what to make each year!!! Obviously I can only make some things well. In the past its been paintings, drawings, painted pebbles, clay bowls and that kind of thing. This year I’ve a few different things up my sleeve like putting things in box frames, watercolours and clay hares. Today I started my clay hares. The first one has come out quite well. Not finished yet, but he is about 15cm tall, in red clay.

Once I’d got the basic proportions right, he started to take shape.  I found a close relationship in shape to my greyhound actually, and that was helpful because I could look at her for reference!

Of course I still have my main body of work to concentrate on too – my canvas paintings for the exhibition with Natasha Newton next Spring.  I haven’t done much recently so I need to get back to it.  I’ve lots of ideas so I really need to get cracking!!

But I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty with clay today, and doing something a bit different is totally refreshing!!  YAY!

Oh yes!!

The autumn colours have inspired me.  The dead seed heads have inspired me.  My freedom in my little watercolour sketches have inspired me.  Look what happened!!!!

These of course are for sale on for $18 (thats approx £10 sterling as the currency conversion stands today)

Hope you enjoy looking at these. I’m enjoying this Seedhead Series – its vibrant, free, and a design by me 🙂