As usual, I’m making all my Christmas Cards.  Each year I have to come up with something different, and this year I think I’ve surpassed all previous year’s efforts.

Check these out – they are the first ones made this weekend:

They are made with 2 bits of paper with wadding in between, then sewn on the machine using attractive stitching.  They are initially greeting cards, but can be reused as a tree decoration.  REUSE, RECYCLE etc is the motto!  Luckily mum gave me her sewing machine a few years ago, so I have the luxury of creating these with ease.

The  reason I’ve got cracking with this project so early is that they take time to make.  I need to make at least 50.  Then I’m thinking of making more to sell on

Also I need to have a major operation in November, and I wanna get these made by then.

I like to keep busy, and I love to have a variety of creative things to hand.  My mum was the same, except she was a knitter and seamstress.  I’m neither of those – I can do it, but choose not too.  Can’t imagine myself sitting listening to the radio knitting a jumper meself… Its bad enough that I wear slippers and glasses!!

Hey ho – ain’t life sweet 🙂