Today I was astounded – I happened to post some sketches up on my myspace page and I had really positive comments made about them!  I’m astounded because they are 5minute sketches to help me plan the next canvas paintings.  They help me decide on composition, colour and dynamics.  I’m thinking its the loose, freehand style that is attractive?

So – was calling me – I could paint several of these sketches and sell them!!

I sat down to do this…..I taped paper to a board and then divided up the paper with more masking tape….I started to sketch…..

It was a disaster!

And I know why….

Its because I was trying too hard.  How the hell do I just sketch so lazily like I do in my sketchbook???  My sketchbook doesn’t mind if there are mistakes, descrepancies or nonsense.   But as soon as a blank piece of paper is prepared in front of me I fall to pieces.

So I decided to go and read my book instead.