Yep!  I took notice of my own advice, and that of a few good friends,  and went away for a week camping on the North Norfolk Coast.  It was great going out of season – one of the campsites was only open for 2 more weeks and we hardly saw a soul.  The beaches were largely deserted and the tides were way out because of the recent full moon.  The sun shone most of the week and I even got a bit of a tan! We saw seals basking in the sun on the beach, and we got our feet dirty and wet on the sand at low tide.

We camped in the Bell Tent with added extra bits for keeping the wind and sun off us.

We didn’t have any electricity, so there was no TV, radio or even to charge my mobile once it went dead.  Rich kept his going by plugging into the car while out exploring.  We took hundreds of photos.  We read our books by torchlight.  We got up at dawn or soon after, and went to bed when it was dark or soon after and kept snug and warm in our sleeping bags.

When I popped into to see mum on the way home she said I looked content – I guess that says it all.