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What a relief!! I managed to get my head sorted and started those sketches!

Here is the first batch:

I managed this by taking my sketch materials out of the studio and plonked myself in front of the TV.  I just relaxed and had positive thoughts like, “If they turn out bad the only thing I’ve lost is a couple of hours and a few sheets of paper.”

It worked 🙂

I feel much happier and ready to do some more.

I put some on etsy today :

Buy Handmade

As usual, I’m making all my Christmas Cards.  Each year I have to come up with something different, and this year I think I’ve surpassed all previous year’s efforts.

Check these out – they are the first ones made this weekend:

They are made with 2 bits of paper with wadding in between, then sewn on the machine using attractive stitching.  They are initially greeting cards, but can be reused as a tree decoration.  REUSE, RECYCLE etc is the motto!  Luckily mum gave me her sewing machine a few years ago, so I have the luxury of creating these with ease.

The  reason I’ve got cracking with this project so early is that they take time to make.  I need to make at least 50.  Then I’m thinking of making more to sell on

Also I need to have a major operation in November, and I wanna get these made by then.

I like to keep busy, and I love to have a variety of creative things to hand.  My mum was the same, except she was a knitter and seamstress.  I’m neither of those – I can do it, but choose not too.  Can’t imagine myself sitting listening to the radio knitting a jumper meself… Its bad enough that I wear slippers and glasses!!

Hey ho – ain’t life sweet 🙂

Today I was astounded – I happened to post some sketches up on my myspace page and I had really positive comments made about them!  I’m astounded because they are 5minute sketches to help me plan the next canvas paintings.  They help me decide on composition, colour and dynamics.  I’m thinking its the loose, freehand style that is attractive?

So – was calling me – I could paint several of these sketches and sell them!!

I sat down to do this…..I taped paper to a board and then divided up the paper with more masking tape….I started to sketch…..

It was a disaster!

And I know why….

Its because I was trying too hard.  How the hell do I just sketch so lazily like I do in my sketchbook???  My sketchbook doesn’t mind if there are mistakes, descrepancies or nonsense.   But as soon as a blank piece of paper is prepared in front of me I fall to pieces.

So I decided to go and read my book instead.

Yep!  I took notice of my own advice, and that of a few good friends,  and went away for a week camping on the North Norfolk Coast.  It was great going out of season – one of the campsites was only open for 2 more weeks and we hardly saw a soul.  The beaches were largely deserted and the tides were way out because of the recent full moon.  The sun shone most of the week and I even got a bit of a tan! We saw seals basking in the sun on the beach, and we got our feet dirty and wet on the sand at low tide.

We camped in the Bell Tent with added extra bits for keeping the wind and sun off us.

We didn’t have any electricity, so there was no TV, radio or even to charge my mobile once it went dead.  Rich kept his going by plugging into the car while out exploring.  We took hundreds of photos.  We read our books by torchlight.  We got up at dawn or soon after, and went to bed when it was dark or soon after and kept snug and warm in our sleeping bags.

When I popped into to see mum on the way home she said I looked content – I guess that says it all.

Well, here I am.  Writing about my life as an artist, musician and coach.  Its about time I shared more of myself.  I struggle just as much as anyone else with creativity, consistency, visual voice, performance and finance and everything else that goes with being self-employed in the arts.

Part of the reason I’ve started this blog is because I’ve not been journaling recently – normally I write in a journal, but I got waylaid somehow.  I think I got bored with the limitations of writing with a pen in a book.  I could’ve added photos etc, or sketches, but I like playing on the computer and it’s media.

Just recently I’ve been struggling with my canvas paintings.  They’ve driven me partially insane this week.  I am however, thankfully back to “normal for me”, and the sun even came out and shone some much needed light into my retinas today.  I suffer from SAD.  Its horrible, but I control it with a light therapy box.  It took years to notice the pattern of my depression setting in deeper than usual in September/October and lasting for months.  Anyhow, I took a walk in the park with my greyhound today and noticed some really nice things…

See this slide show

But here I am lost in transition.  The path that lays before me is the transition from a closet painter, to one that is exhibiting for the first time in years with Natasha Newton, another Suffolk artist.  I am excited, nervous and feeling slightly awed by the developments over the last 9 months.  I have painted more than I’ve written music this year, and I’ve loved every minute.  I’ve made wonderful contacts online that have become as valuable as my supportive friends here in England.  One particular contact stands out for me – Megan Chapman – she is an amazing artist with a great work ethic.  She has been very supportive this year, and she’s shared my ups and downs.  If she lived just down the road, I’m sure we’d be supping tea and gossipping for hours on end.  Megan is an inspiration and a rock in my recent falling-back-in-love-with-painting.  She publicly shares her art wisdom here.

Here’s a painting I finished today:

©2008 Deborah Eileen Burrow

©2008 Deborah Eileen Burrow

This painting was nearly abandoned completely.  The photo of it is a snapshot of it taken today – I’ve yet to have a professional photo taken.  I used gold and interference paint in places, and it doesn’t come out well on this photo.

More paintings can be found  at myspace and  at my website and  on

Well, I’m sure I’ve done too much this week, so I’m gonna look after myself and take a week’s break.  I’m going camping in our hippy Bell tent if the weather stays good.

Back soon.